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Sama Food was established in the Syrian market to bridge the gap in demand after many biscuit manufacturers stopped their operations in the region. We are experts in food processing, manufacturing and packaging since 1998.

We had to take this prestigious social responsibility to serve healthy biscuits to our children and for the generations to come. Our products have been a success at the local market thanks to our mouthwatering and delicious combination of the recipes we’re using.
Our state of the art manufacturing plant along with our superior recipes will make sure that we deliver the best quality products in the market. Our work standards, machines and food technologist are all according to European standards promising to deliver the highest quality and most delicious products.
Sama Food guaranties high quality products, food safety and the latest production methods to deliver the best products in the market.

Our Mission&Vision :

Sama Food strives to become the number 1 biscuit and chocolate manufacturing plant in the region by the year 2020, and promise to deliver the highest quality products at all times.
To reach our goals we focus on three main points: The Customer, Our Employees, And the Environment
1) Our customers are our priority, focusing on our end user is our main goal. we will listen to our customer and base our products on customer’s needs and satisfaction
2) Empowering our employees, providing a safe work environment and making sure they are satisfied with the workplace will make sure our business process will run smoothly to deliver our high quality products
3) Being environmentally friendly and sustainable is very important for us, in our manufacturing process we make sure we are preserving natural resources, recycling and saving energy .


Our customer’s safety is our top priority. We have a professional quality management system that keeps track of all our manufacturing process. With our state of the art manufacturing and packaging machines, we make sure our food is clean, intact and not touched by any human being.


Sama Food

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