Sama Food

selsito hot

selfito caramel & cinnamon

selfito cocoa


selfito coconut

selfito coffee

selfito dig cinnamon

selfito dig light

selfito dig original

selsito anise

super p white

selsito ketchup

selsito nigella

selsito salted

selsito thyme

bandeto original

bandeto white

nanino choco

nanino milk

lavalana coconut

White Chocolate

Cocoa biscuits filled with Vanilla Cream

White biscuits filled with Coconut Cream

Amatuer mix

Dark Cocoa biscuits filled with Milk Cream

Selfito Tea Biscuit

lavalana cap

lavalana chocolate


lavalana lemon

lavalana nougat

big princess dark

big princess milk

big princess original

princess dark

super p dark

super p original

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